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Publications from Centre for Intervention Research

In the publication database you will find information on all publications which the Centre for Intervention Research has published as well as articles composed by the Centre’s employees, published in scientific journals and specialists’ journals. By far most of the Centre’s own publications can be downloaded free of charge.

You can find the following types of publications:

Reports and Books:
Include scientific reports/specialists’ books and dissemination reports.


PhD Thesis

Includes PhD Thesis and Doctoral Thesis.

Scientific Articles:
These are articles in International journals which the Centre’s scientists are main or co-writers to. Most of the articles have a link to Pubmed with access to an English abstract.

Brief Reports:
All brief reports being publicly available may be downloaded as a pdf-file.

Specialists’ Journals and other Literature:
Include articles written by the Centre’s employees as well as articles or other literature that mention the Centre’s research and projects. You will find a link to the articles to the extent that they are publicly available.


The Centre is funded by TrygFonden and the Danish Cancer Society
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