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The research theme Children consists of the following projects:

Boost - Fruit and Vegetables
This project evaluates the effect of an internationally well-documented project to encourage children and adolescents in schools and other environments to increase their intake of fruit and vegetables.


Activating Schoolyards

The aim of this study is to obtain evidence-based knowledge on how schoolyards can be used to promote physical activity in the everyday lives of schoolchildren.

Hi Five - Well-being and Hygiene
The aim of this project is to improve the physical environment in schools, with special emphasis on improving hygiene, reducing the number of infections and increasing schoolchildren's well-being.


Newborn - Preparation for Birth and Parenthood
This project examines the effects of an interventions aiming at strengthening expectant and new parents in their parental role in order to promote the health and well-being of newborn children.


When Cities Move Children 
The objective of this project is to evaluate whether enhancing the physical environment in a socially deprived area can encourage children to be more physically active.


SPACE – Space for Physical Activity
The aim of the project is to assess comprehensive interventions in local districts with the purpose of encouraging moderate physical activity on a daily basis among children and adolescents.

X-IT - Smoke Free Adolescents

The Centre for Intervention Research in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention will scientifically evaluate the Danish Cancer Society’s smoking prevention Project X:IT. 

Finished projects


Physical Activity
This project examines the effect of changes in school curricula, school canteens and structural facilities to promote physical activity.

The Centre is funded by TrygFonden and the Danish Cancer Society
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